Commercial shows a very different horse world

A scene from Åkestam Holst's commercial promoting race-betting in Sweden.
A scene from Åkestam Holst’s commercial promoting race-betting in Sweden.

No-one can accuse Sweden’s state-owned race-betting agency of lacking a sense of humour, if this 60-second commercial is anything to go by.

The advertisement paints a very different picture of the human-horse relationship.

Viewers are left in the dark over the message in the ad until the end, when it poses the question: Do you know your horses?

The commercial is for ATG, the Swedish race-betting agency which was founded by the state in 1974.

ATG’s  business activity is regulated by a contract between ATG’s owners, the Swedish Trotting Association and the Swedish Jockey Club, and the state.

The advertisement dates back to 2010, but Horsetalk isn’t afraid to offer up an oldie, if it happens to be a goodie.

The advertisement was created by the award-winning Swedish agency, Åkestam Holst.

It was shot in Valencia in 2009. The director was listed as Traktor and it was filmed by Linus Sandgren. Its producer was Anders Gernandt and the production company was The Producers.

Set design work was carried out by Rosenberg and post production work was carried out by Stopp.

Åkestam Holst also produced a six-minute video showing the behind-the-scenes making of the commercial. While the commentary is in Swedish, it nonetheless illustrates how some of the special effects were achieved.


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