Horse takes a jaunt on to house roof

For real: No Photoshopping was involved in this image of a year-old horse on a roof. Photo: CTV News

A couple from New Brunswick who were emailed a picture of a horse on the roof of their home at first thought it was a clever piece of Photoshop work by a family member, but not so.

The young horse, it seemed, had got into a little mischief, using a small hill at the back of their Hampton house to make his way on to the roof.

CTV News  reported that Stephen Downey and his wife, Pat, were puzzled when Stephen’s brother, Archie, emailed them the image of their one-year-old colt, Must Win.

Archie had got up on Tuesday morning to be greeted by the sight of Must Win on the garage roof.

Must Win had walked up the rise and jumped about three feet on to the roof.

Must Win was successfully led off the roof by Archie, leaving a little roof damage as a reminder of his jaunt.

Stephen Downey suggested to CTV News that Must Win was probably bored while other horses were away at training and decided to get into some mischief.

“He’s like a two or three-year-old kid,” he said. “He was just looking for some excitement and he got into trouble, like a regular kid would do.”

The Downeys have since erected a small fence to ensure there is no repeat.



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