Abandoned foal gets fresh start in charity’s care

Inspector Christine McNeil and the foal. Photo: British RSPCA
Inspector Christine McNeil and the foal. Photo: British RSPCA

An abandoned foal now faces a bright future after three walkers chanced upon it on a remote hilltop in Wales.

The weak foal was rescued by the British RSPCA from the the hilltop above Llangynidr, in Powys, South Wales, and has been placed in the care of the charity Redwings.

The walkers from the Bristol area were on Llangynidr moor on July 30 when they noticed the ailing foal behind a wall at the end of an uphill track.

Attempts to find the foal’s mother proved futile, as were their attempts to get the foal to drink water.

The walkers reached a nearby farm and the RSPCA was called.

Inspector Christine McNeil went to the scene and was taken to the foal on the farmer’s quad bike.

The foal was rescued and taken into care, where it has made a good recovery.

One of the walkers, Reg Hunt, said he was both delighted and relieved over the rescue of the foal.

McNeil said the rescue demonstrated the teamwork between the RSPCA and the public.

“We are reliant on the public to alert us to animals in distress and in this instance their practical help was invaluable. We are grateful to Mr Hunt and friends for their vigilance and to the farmer for his assistance.”


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