Top selling mare fetches €500,000 at Pride of Poland

El Saghira, who fetched €500,000 at the recent Pride of Poland sale.
El Saghira, who fetched €500,000 ($US658,532; $NZ843,770) at the recent Pride of Poland sale.

Acclaimed show mare El Saghira has topped the 2013 Pride of Poland arabian horse sale, with Elisa Grassi of Ajman Stud in the United Arab Emirates going to €500,000 ($US658,532) to secure the daughter of Galba.

The grey Michałów Stud mare was the second lot up for sale, with the first lot, Belgica, fetching €410,000, and the sixth lot Ekspulsja, the next highest at €400,000.

The latter two mares were both bought by British breeder Shirley Watts.

Sale topper El Saghira has an international pedigree – her sire was bred in Germany but is by the Tersk stallion Plakat (by Aswan). Galba is out of the US-bred Gzagzam, a daughter of the Bask son Negatraz.  She is the 9th generation of show winners in an unbroken line of champions stemming from Michałów’s “E” dynasty founder Estokada, being out of the Michałów mare Emira, by the Israeli bred Egyptian stallion Iaheeb, and from the Monogramm daughter Embra.

El Saghira has competed at shows in Poland, Europe and the Middle East, winning many titles for Michałów and later Athbah Stud of Saudi Arabia, who leased the mare, now six years of age. She has had one foal, and sold in foal to Shanghai EA.

El Saghira was Junior Spring show Show Top Five, Belgian Arabian Prestige Junior Reserve Champion, Towerlands Junior Reserve Champion, and tröhen Senior Bronze Medalist – when her dam Emira won Gold). At last year’s Polish Nationals, El Saghira was crowned Senior Reserve Champion Mare behind show veteran Palmeta, though both received an identical, highest score of the show – 92.67.

Belgica fetched €410,000.
Belgica fetched €410,000.

Belgica, a 10-year-old bay daughter of the influential sire Gazal Al Shaqab, was sold by breeder Janów Podlaski for €410,000  ($US540,000; $NZ691,900). Another mare with an impressive show record, Belgica is from the Europejczyk mare  Belladona, making her a direct female descendant of Bandola, a sister to Bask and dam of Bandos and Banat. Belgica has had five foals and sold in foal to Pogrom.

Ekspulsja sold for €400,000.
Ekspulsja sold for €400,000.

The nine-year-old Michałów mare Ekspulsja was the next highest-priced lot, also going to Watts, for €400,000 ($US526,800; $NZ675,000). Also a daughter of Gazal Al Shaqab, the grey mare is out of the Monogramm daughter Elandra, who topped the Pride of Poland sale in 2005 when she fetched €290,000.

Pietra fetched €95,000.
Pietra fetched €95,000.

Next in the high-end sales was Pietra, also purchased by Watts, who went to €95,000 ($US125,100; $NZ160,300) to secure the Eden C (Enzo) daughter. Pietra is out of Pepina, by Halsdon Stud’s late stallion, Pilot, and out of Petla, making her a half-sister to the sire sensation Pogrom.

Overall, the sale brought in more than €2 million on the first day and €124,000 on the Summer Sale day. Some 63 percent of the sales total came from the top three lots.

Of the 27 lots offered in the main sale, only five were unsold. However, on the second day’s Summer Sale only eight mares of the 26 up for auction were sold.

The highest-grossing vendors were Michałów Stud, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary, making €1.194 million and €55,600 from the Summer Sale; and Janów Podlaski, which made €816,000 and €10,500.

Horses sold to many parts of Europe including Belgium, Sweden, Germany, and France, and in the Middle East including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. Just two horses sold to the US this year.

PRIDE OF POLAND 2013 – Mares and Fillies
5 ALEGRA chestnut 2008 GANGES ALENA/EMIGRANT Janów Podlaski Stud 45 000 EUR Saudi Arabia
26 ANANDA grey 2004 PESAL ANEKSJA/BALON Janów Podlaski Stud not sold
16 ANTAJA grey 2004 EKSTERN ABBA/PESAL Bialka Stud 21 000 EUR USA
1 BELGICA bay 2003 GAZAL AL SHAQAB (QA) BELLADONA/EUROPEJCZYK Janów Podlaski Stud 410 000 EUR United Kingdom
25 CENTURIA grey 2010 ESPARTO CYROLKA/PESAL Bialka Stud not sold
10 CERINOLA grey 2001 ECAHO CELNA/ALEGRO Janów Podlaski Stud 25 000 EUR Germany
9 DAGA dark bay 2004 GAZAL AL SHAQAB (QA) DAJANA/WOJSLAW Michalów Stud not sold
4 DAMA KIER bay 2004 GAZAL AL SHAQAB (QA) DEMONA/MONOGRAMM Michalów Stud 50 000 EUR France
3 EFERADA bay 2009 QR MARC (US) EFUZJA/EMIGRANT Janów Podlaski Stud 45 000 EUR Saudi Arabia
6 EKSPULSJA grey 2004 GAZAL AL SHAQAB (QA) ELANDRA/MONOGRAMM Michalów Stud 400 000 EUR United Kingdom
2 EL SAGHIRA grey 2007 GALBA (DE) EMIRA/LAHEEB (IL) Michalów Stud 500 000 EUR United Arab Emirates
7 ELATHA grey 2008 PEGASUS EURITA/PAMIR Bialka Stud not sold
23 ENAAM grey 2006 EKSTERN ELWIRA/ARBIL Janów Podlaski Stud
22 ESPINILLA chestnut 2007 AL MARAAM ESPADRILLA/MONOGRAMM Michalów Stud 67 000 EUR Saudi Arabia
18 EUDORA grey 2004 PIAFF EUZETIA/ETOGRAM Janów Podlaski Stud 33 000 EUR United Arab Emirates
19 FIGURANTKA grey 2004 EKSTERN FIROSETTA/ELDON Stanislaw Slawinski – Czeple Arabians 21 000 EUR Saudi Arabia
11 GARUDA grey 2007 GALBA (DE) GOTLANDIA/PESAL Michalów Stud not sold
13 KRASNICA chestnut 2009 QR MARC (US) KASJOPEA/ELDON Michalów Stud 65 000 EUR Sweden
21 OSTOJA grey 2005 EKSTERN OLITA/ECAHO Janów Podlaski Stud 18 000 EUR Saudi Arabia
8 PALATINA chestnut 2009 QR MARC (US) PALMETA/ECAHO Janów Podlaski Stud 90 000 EUR Poland
14 PERLAHABA grey 2010 AL LAHAB PERNACJA/EKSTERN Falborek Arabians 20 000 EUR Kuwait
12 PIETRA bay 2009 EDEN C PEPINA/PILOT Janów Podlaski Stud 95 000 EUR United Kingdom
15 POEZJA chestnut 2007 ENZO (US) PELOTA/PILOT Janów Podlaski Stud 22 000 EUR Poland
27 PROSNA grey 2004 GRAFIK PRUDENCJA/EMIGRANT Michalów Stud 12 000 EUR Kuweit
17 WAGIRA chestnut 2008 ENZO (US) WKRA/GAZAL AL SHAQAB (QA) Michalów Stud 45 000 EUR Saudi Arabia
24 ZLOTA ORDA grey 1999 PESAL ZAGROBLA/MONOGRAMM Michalów Stud 35 000 EUR Sweden
20 ZMOWITA chestnut 2008 ENZO (US) ZMOWA/MONOGRAMM Michalów Stud 20 000 EUR Saudi Arabia

SUMMER SALE 2013 – Mares and Fillies
S/16 ADELINA grey 2005 GRAFIK ANAKONDA/MONOGRAMM Michalów Stud not sold
S/4 ALCAZARA bay 2009 GANGES ALHAMBRA/ECAHO Janów Podlaski Stud sold Saudi Arabia
S/5 ANILINA grey 2009 PORTO ANILLA/PESAL Janów Podlaski Stud not sold
S/3 BARONESSA grey 2009 PERSEUSZ BAJGORA/PAMIR Janów Podlaski Stud not sold
S/20 BINT MOLETA (with filly by Kahil Al Shaqab) grey 2004 ECAHO KP BINT MALIKAH EL NIL /U.P. SHEITAN Falborek Arabians sold United Arab Emirates
S/8 CERVINIA grey 2009 ENZO (US) CERELIA/EMIGRANT Janów Podlaski Stud 10 500 EUR United Arab Emirates
S/24 CYRYLICA chestnut 2000 EMPRES CENTRA/EUKALIPTUS Kurozweki Stud – J.M. Popiel not sold
S/22 DOMBRA grey 2001 ELDON DABROWICA/ENDEL Michalów Stud 7 500 EUR USA
S/10 ELFERA chestnut 2006 PSYTADEL EIFFLA/EKSTERN Lech Blaszczyk (PL) withdrawn
S/26 ELLANDA bay 1998 WOJSLAW ELLADA/BALON Michalów Stud 5 600 EUR France
S/1 ELOMINA grey 2011 ERYKS ELOCEA/SALAR Bialka Stud not sold
S/9 EZYGONA chestnut 2009 PIAFF EMDA/METROPOLIS NA Bialka Stud sold United Arab Emirates
S/17 FELLENA grey 2005 EMIGRANT FELICJANA/EKSTERN Michalów Stud not sold
S/13 HORDA grey 2005 HS ETIQUETTE (UK) HEKLA/PRIMO Janów Podlaski Stud not sold
S/19 NIEBIANKA (with colt by Shanghai E.A.) bay 2004 EMIGRANT NANA/FAWOR Alicja Najmowicz (PL) / Pawel Redestowicz – Windoor not sold
S/14 ORLANKA chestnut 2005 ASLAN OSAKA/EUROPEJCZYK Tarnawka Stud (PL) / Pawel Redestowicz – Windoor not sold
S/2 PATIENA grey 2011 EKSTERN PASYWA/WACHLARZ Lech Blaszczyk (PL) withdrawn
S/23 PERGA grey 2000 EMIGRANT PERGOLA/FALSYFIKAT Michalów Stud not sold
S/11 PERMILA grey 2005 ARARAT PERFAZJA/BATYSKAF Bialka Stud 18 000 EUR Belgium
S/7 PUSTYNNA FIESTA grey 2009 EKSTERN PUSTYNNA RÓZA/EMIGRANT Michalów Stud 23 000 EUR United Arab Emirates
S/21 SPALA grey 2002 EKSTERN SLONKA/WOJSLAW Boguslaw Dabrowski 40 000 EUR Saudi Arabia
S/6 WARSA bay 2009 GANGES WATRA/METROPOLIS NA Janów Podlaski Stud sold Saudi Arabia
S/18 WIEZA SNÓW chestnut 2005 EMIGRANT WIEZA BABEL/LAHEEB (IL) Michalów Stud 14 000 EUR United Arab Emirates
S/15 WOLYNIANKA bay 2005 WOLYN WIZYTA/WERMUT Agricola Farm (PL) / Pawel Redestowicz – Windoor not sold
S/25 ZATOKA PERSKA bay 1999 WACHLARZ ZUZANNA/WOJSLAW Michalów Stud 5 500 EUR Germany
S/12 ZORZA PORANNA bay 2005 WOLYN ZULEJDA/EMPRES Agricola Farm (PL) / Stan Red Arabians (PL) not sold

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