Veterinary cardiologist joins UC Davis team

Cardiologist Joshua Stern has joined the team at UC Davis.
Cardiologist Joshua Stern has joined the team at UC Davis.

Cardiologist Dr Joshua Stern has joined the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine as an assistant professor, where he will work with both large and small animals.

Dr Stern, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, is originally from Bristolville, Ohio, and obtained his BS (2003) and DVM (2008) degrees from Ohio State University. He stayed on at Ohio State to complete a small animal internship in 2009.

He began a residency in cardiology at Washington State University and completed it at North Carolina State University in 2012. Dr Stern also recently completed a PhD at Washington State focusing on the genetics of familial subvalvular aortic stenosis in dogs.

Dr Stern’s research is primarily focused on the study of inherited heart disease. Most recently, his research successfully identified a mutation responsible for the development of congenital heart disease (subaortic stenosis) in Newfoundland dogs and the discovery of a mutation responsible for sudden death and long QT syndrome in a family of English springer spaniels.

His subaortic stenosis research continues in golden retrievers and Rottweilers. Additionally, Dr. Stern has participated in studies of inherited cardiomyopathies and helped develop many of the currently available tests for genetic heart disease. Dr. Stern’s secondary interest is in pharmacogenomics (how genetics aids in medical therapy) and the interface between pharmacogenomics and treatment of heart failure.

“We are excited by the addition of Dr Stern to our faculty,” said Dr David Wilson, director of the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. “His achievements to date are impressive for an individual in the early stages of his academic career. We feel fortunate that he is now part of our team and look forward to his continued success at UC Davis.”

Dr Stern’s award-winning research has garnered him several veterinary scholarships, including the Morris Animal Foundation Clinician Scientist Fellowship, the Jessie Scholarship for Veterinary Cardiology and Neurology and the D. Lynn A. George Endowed Memorial Scholarship for Research. He has studied cardiovascular issues in the previously mentioned dog breeds, as well as cats, racehorses and Alaskan sled dogs.

Dr Stern has authored or co-authored more than 40 publications and abstracts.

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