Haim the donkey cuts a fine figure in his trousers


Haim the donkey has been a victim of abuse, but life is certainly looking brighter as he strides around an animal park in Israel in a fine-looking pair of trousers.

The pants are the brainchild of staff at the Zoological Center of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, which is the largest animal sanctuary in the Middle East.

Haim's new trousers are keeping his leg wounds under wraps while they heal.
Haim’s new trousers are keeping his leg wounds under wraps while they heal.

The trousers are doing a fine job of keeping flies at bay, allowing the wounds to his front legs to heal.

Local reports indicate Haim had been abused before he was taken in by the center.

He was regularly tied up with barbed wire behind his owners’ home, where local children abused him.

Salvation came when Haim was brought to Ramat Gan, which is home to 1600 animals.

Haim has needed a great deal of care, and has taken a long time to overcome his fear of children.

The hair had been rubbed off from his front legs around the area where he had been bound. The wounds attracted flies, which would bite and irritate the wounds. This would make Haim bite and scratch his legs.

Staff at first covered the wounds with socks held in place by tape, but replacing them daily also irritated the wounds.

Caregivers Becca Rivkin and Shira Inbar-Danin came up with the idea of trousers, and set about sewing the creation that Haim now so proudly wears.

Haim’s trousers are a bit special, with double layers – a soft material on the inside and a tough outer layer to prevent the flies get to his wounds.

Their success means the pair are now looking to make Haim a pair for his back legs, which could also use some protection.



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