Irish jumping boss uninjured as hotel fridge explodes

Robert Splaine
Robert Splaine

Ireland’s showjumping manager Robert Splaine has escaped a fridge explosion in his hotel room in Dublin.

Splaine, the manager of Ireland’s Aga Khan show jumping team, escaped unhurt in the early hours of Thursday morning when a component of a fridge exploded in the room where he and his son, David, were staying in the Burlington Hotel, Dublin.

Splaine said they were awoken in their room at 5am by the sound of a loud explosion.

“It was a bit of a shock to hear such a loud sound so close but when we switched on the light we could see no signs of what might have caused the explosion. The room, however, was soon filled by a very pungent odour and at that point the staff of the hotel came to the door and told us the hotel was being evacuated.

“Fire brigades and ambulances had arrived by this stage and all the hotel guests were assembled outside. The emergency services were very good, I have to say, and looked after the situation marvellously.

“We were then allowed to return to the hotel and given another room, of course. I was told later that the cause of the explosion was a gas canister, that was one of the components at the back of the empty fridge in our room. No-one was hurt and by the time it was all over it was time to get up anyway, so we didn’t get any more sleep. It’s lucky that both my son and I are early risers.”

Ireland’s Aga Khan team will bid to repeat their 2012 victory when they compete on Friday at the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show at Ballsbridge.


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