Another horse found butchered in Florida


stock-eyeThe butchered remains of a horse found in Florida’s Miami-Dade County is the latest casualty in a cruel black-market meat trade.

The body was found on Wednesday morning at Northwest 163 Street, in Miami Gardens.

The director of operations for South Florida SPCA, Laurie Waggoner, went to the scene at the request of the Miami Gardens Police Department.

“The slaughter of horses in our community continues unabated,” Waggoner said. “The only difference in this case, is the remains were disposed of in an extremely public area.”

They were found on the pavement, across a driveway.

SPCA president Jeanette Jordan said: “The agony of this innocent creature must be underscored”, adding that it appeared the horse had been butchered alive.

“My greatest hope is that the perpetrators of this hideous crime will be caught and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

“Although South Florida SPCA is already home to 70 starved, abused and abandoned horses, we regret we arrived too late to save this one.”

The illegal horse slaughter trade has been an ongoing issue in the wider Miami area for years, encouraged by a lucrative black-market demand for horse meat.

The South Florida SPCA ranch has a special fund set up to help care for starved, abused and abandoned horses. More information: or donations can be sent to SFSPCA, 15476 NW 77 Court, #440, Miami Lakes, FL 33016.



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