Movie venture proposes horses and wholesome family action


Tired of seeing violence and the seedier side of life on the big screen? Do you yearn for the days of wholesome movie action with horses, families, and an uplifting story line?

A seasoned team of Hollywood filmmakers has a response to the frequent violence in today’s media. They are making the kind of movie that their families enjoyed together when they were kids, striving to “change the world one movie at a time”.

New York City Cowboys is an action adventure film, complete with horses, featuring an old-fashioned character-building storyline.

Written and directed by Hollywood veteran Stewart Raffill, with a cast led by award-winning actor James Brolin, the backers of New York City Cowboys promise it will inspire audiences who come from a tech-filled sedentary lifestyle with spirited doses of action and adventure.

The only catch is that funding for such uplifting tales is not easy to obtain. The filmmakers are therefore going to the general public for support.

Initial financing for the venture is being raised using “fan-funding” via Kickstarter, a web platform for creative projects. The kickstarter model is “all or nothing” – either fans rally to support the project and the monetary goal is reached, or the goal is not met and the creators must seek alternative funding.

James Brolin is to star  in New York City Cowboys.
James Brolin is to star in New York City Cowboys.

Recently, several independent films have been financed in this manner, most notably by actor Zach Braff, who raised $US3 million using the system.

At the time of writing, New York City Cowboys had  45 backers pledging a total of $US71,883 towards its $US3.2 million goal with 32 days to go.

“This is your opportunity to be heard,” noted producer Diane Kirman. “Stop letting the media dictate to you. You can help make life-affirming movies that not only entertain, but can enhance health and happiness through their uplifting messaging that create a sense of wellbeing.”

The funding period for New York City Cowboys ends on August 19,  with pledges starting from $US1.

A $US5 pledge gets supporters a signed digital cast poster. A $US20 pledge earns a copy of the soundtrack before it is released to the public, while $US300 buys the donor’s name in the film end credits.

For $US12000, the donor and a friend can be an extra on the set. A variety of rewards are available for pledges of $US10,000, including a line written for the individual in the script or an opportunity to hang around the campfire with James Brolin and the cast.

New York City Cowboys is described as a realistic story of faith lost and found.

A widowed mother of three finds herself overwhelmed by life in the Big Apple. In desperation, she trades her taxi service for a Montana ranch, thrusting her family into a life that tests their faith and survival skills.

Filled with grizzly bear encounters, cattle stampedes, and a horse race that will leave the audience breathless, the family’s misadventures nearly break them. But with courage and humor, the family emerges intact and stronger than before.

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