Elderly donkey Mimosa latches on to opening gates


Mimosa the donkey, at 34, is living proof that you’re never too old to learn new tricks.

Mimosa, who is in the care of the Donkey Sanctuary in Britain, recently discovered how to unlock latched gates.

Not surprisingly, her talents quickly extended to opening the door of the feed room.

Mimosa is caught in the act.
Mimosa is caught in the act.

It is a talent she has been putting to good use around Paccombe Farm, where she lives with her donkey friends.

Even her failing eyesight is no hindrance in latching on to latch and working her magic.

“We don’t really know how she developed the talent of opening gates,” her groom, Kate, reports.

“It took us a while to realise who was doing it as we didn’t catch her in the act for a while!

“She is also very clever at opening stable doors and can even open the door to the feed room.

“We had to move the door handle up high so she couldn’t get in.

“Mimosa is such a character and we all love her dearly.”

Mimosa is one of the sanctuary’s older residents. She will enjoy a loving home with The Donkey Sanctuary for the rest of her life.


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