Colic scare for horse rescued from nailed-shut stables

Susie receives intravenous fluids during her bout of colic.
Susie receives intravenous fluids during her bout of colic.

One of two neglected Florida horses found inside ramshackle stables that had been nailed shut has suffered a bout of colic.

The two horses, named Susie and Justice, are in the care of the South Florida SPCA.

The charity believes Susie may have suffered an intestinal blockage caused by eating sand, wood, and manure during her confinement in her stall in Miami Gardens, in northwest Miama-Dade County, without food.

Susie was placed on intravenous fluids and other medications.

South Florida SPCA founder and president Laurie Waggoner said staff stayed with her throughout the night monitoring her condition.

Susie’s attending veterinarian, Dr Zachary Franklin, of Templeton and Franklin Veterinary Associates, said: “Susie suffered from colic yesterday. It appears to have resolved through the night.”

The stables from which Susie and Justice were rescued.
The stables from which Susie and Justice were rescued.

Waggoner said: “I would like to thank people from all over the US and the world who have been touched by these two horses.

“Justice is doing well.

“We will continue to fight for Susie’s life for as long as she has the will to live and the spirit that she continues to show.”

Both horses have a long road ahead of them as they recover, especially Susie, who has a large gaping wound on her flank.

SPCA staff had to tear down the nailed-shut stables after police had received an anonymous tipoff about their plight at the boarding facility.

They were found without water and food.

“The horses were eating wood and their own manure in order to survive,” Waggoner said.

“I’ve been doing this 20 years, and this mare ranks up there with the worst of them when they’re in that kind of condition.”

No-one was at the property and no arrests have been made.

More than $US16,000 has been raised in an online campaign to help Justice and Susie. The link is below.

The SPCA has established a special fund to help with their immediate care. To donate, go to

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