Online fury over pony erotica; parliamentary questions asked

A still from the video.
A still from the video.

Horse lovers have reacted with fury across social media after an erotic video showing a miniature horse being sat upon by an overweight woman went viral.

Authorities believe the video was filmed in the Netherlands, or with Dutch participants.

The woman wears a black lace top and is at times seen whipping the stallion or gelding. At one point, the woman is shown sitting atop the prone animal smoking a cigarette while the horse is clearly panting for breath.

At other times she is lifting and dropping her weight on the pony’s back, during which times the animal is clearly struggling to hold her weight.

There are suggestions the video may date back several years.

Reports out of the Netherlands indicate three arrests have been made in the case.

Questions have been asked by lawmakers and police investigations are ongoing.

miniature-video2It is understood it went viral after being spotted on a Russian erotica website. It has since been taken offline from the site.

Its Dutch origins were suspected because those involved in its production could be heard using Dutch in the background.

A 57-year-old man and a 58-year-old woman, from Lochem, were arrested in the Dutch town of Groningen on Wednesday last week.

The charges allege animal abuse.

The Volkskrant newspaper reported that the two reported to police after the video hit the headlines.

A third person, from Alkmaar, has also been arrested. He is understood to be involved in a production company, and was not present when the video was filmed.

Police have not ruled out making more arrests.

MP Marianne Thieme asked a series of parliamentary questions about the incident.
MP Marianne Thieme asked a series of parliamentary questions about the incident.

Dutch police reported that they had been inundated with calls over the incident, saying there had been a strong emotional reaction to the case.

It warned the public against trying to hunt down the alleged perpetrators, saying some people had received threats from the public who had nothing to do with the production of the video.

MPs from the animal rights party, Party for the Animals (PvdD), have called on Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten to increase monitoring of animal abuse, with reports suggesting other online videos were now under investigation.

MP Marianne Thieme asked a series of parliamentary questions about the incident, directing them at the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs.

She asked what the consequences would be, should the perpetrators be found to be breaking the law.

Thieme called for tighter controls around animal abuse and for intervention to ensure similar videos were no longer made in the Netherlands.

The pony in the video is understood to now be 15.

Dutch reports suggest three miniature horses have been seized during the investigation.

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