Vesicular stomatitis ruled out in mystery ailment


stock-eyeAuthorities investigating a mystery ailment affecting eight horses in Western Australia have ruled out the main disease of concern, vesicular stomatitis.

The state’s Department of Agriculture and Food said on Tuesday preliminary testing suggested the mouth papules – small, solid rounded lumps – under investigation might be a response to a viral infection.

Samples have been taken from the eight horses for further analysis in a bid to determine the cause.

The horses lived at two related properties in the southwest of the state.

The papules were reported by a private veterinarian attending to the horses.

The department said it was working with the veterinary clinic involved to finalise a diagnosis.

The horses have mild signs, the department said.

It reminded horse owners that if they noticed unusual signs in their horses to contact their local veterinarian.

There are no restrictions on horse movement in the state or on events.

The department said its standard horse biosecurity recommendations are that only healthy horses should attend events and they should not share feed, water, or tack and equipment with other horses.


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