Report on 2020 Olympic candidate cities released

2020-olympic-reportThe Evaluation Commission for the 2020 Olympic Games has released its report following visits to the three candidate cities bidding to host the event.

Visits were made to Istanbul (Turkey), Tokyo (Japan) and Madrid (Spain) by the commission, chaired by International Olympic Committee member in Great Britain and IOC Vice-President Sir Craig Reedie. The group spent four days in each city in March to conduct on-site inspections and carry out an assessment of the cities’ Olympic Games projects.

The IOC released the report, a technical analysis that is being provided to IOC members ahead of the 2020 Candidate City Briefing for IOC Members on July 3 and 4 at Beaulieu Convention Centre, Lausanne. During this meeting, the Candidate Cities will have the opportunity to present the technical aspects of their candidatures to the IOC members and answer questions.

“The Evaluation Commission made sure to produce a report that we feel is an accurate, objective and fair assessment of each of the three Candidate Cities,” said Commission Chairman Reedie.

“We are indeed very pleased with the quality of each bid and it is clear that the IOC members will have a difficult choice to make this September in Buenos Aires.”

In Istanbul, the equestrian events would be held in the Esenler area, where basketball and golf would also take place.

Tokyo plans for the equestrian events to be in the “Tokyo Bay” zone, while the horse sports in Madrid will be to the north-west of the city, about 15km from the main stadium.

The election of the host city of the 2020 Olympic Games will take place on September 7 during the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before IOC members cast their votes, the Candidate Cities will make their final presentations, followed by a final report by Evaluation Commission Chairman. The city that obtains an absolute majority of votes will be elected.

The election in Buenos Aires will be the culmination of a process that began on 23 May 2011, when the IOC asked National Olympic Committees to nominate cities for the 2020 Games. On 2 September 2011, the IOC announced Istanbul, Tokyo, Madrid, Baku (Azerbaijan), Doha (Qatar) and Rome (Italy) as the six Applicant Cities. The cities’ responses to the IOC’s Applicant City Questionnaire were studied by an IOC Working Group, which produced a report for the IOC Executive Board (EB). Based on this report, Istanbul, Tokyo and Madrid were named Candidate Cities by the EB at its meeting on May 24, 2012. The cities submitted their Candidature Files by the deadline of January 7, 2013.


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