Wee Achilles loses his fight for life


The Shetland pony nicknamed Achilles, seized by authorities in Texas in a horse neglect case five days ago, has been euthanized.

The public information officer for the Parker County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Danie Huffman, confirmed the loss of Achilles to Horsetalk earlier today.

Huffman said test results came back on Achilles late on Friday afternoon. His health was declining and it was determined the large growth on his genitals had progressed too far to save him.

“Everyone here is pretty broken up about it,” Huffman said.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler had earlier described the neglect of Achilles as shameful.

He said he was disgusted by the extremely poor condition of Achilles and that two men responsible for his care were obviously neglecting the pony.

“This is a shameful crime which could have been completely prevented had Achilles been given the required minimal care and basic necessities.”

The sheriff’s office had received a call about Achilles around 2pm last Thursday.

Animal control officers went to the property in Springtown, where they found him in poor condition.

Officers described him as extremely malnourished and severely underweight to the point his rib and hip bones were visibly protruding.

The Shetland was also suffering from a large, open, infected wound on his genitals with a rancid smell apparently coming from the infection.

Officers reported there was no hay or food near the pony and the only water supply was dirty, containing leaves, debris and insects, along with mosquitoes and larvae swarming around the water.

His hooves were overgrown and split from obvious neglect.

Officers seized Achilles and took him to a local veterinarian for treatment.

The owner of the pony, identified as Jesse Ray Cross, 45; and the pony’s caretaker, identified as Franky Lynn Hatcher-Cross, 42, were both arrested last Saturday on warrants for cruelty to livestock animals. Both men posted bonds of $US2500 each on Sunday.

Achilles after he was seized from a property in Texas.
Achilles after he was seized from a property in Texas.


One thought on “Wee Achilles loses his fight for life

  • July 2, 2013 at 9:41 am

    This is just disgusting. I hope these men will go to jail for decades, but unfortunately, animals are hardly considered as living beings. I would be surprised if they were in jail for over a year.
    More things need to be done with this case, and animal rights in general. Animals are not property nor something to kick around when you’re bored. What scum. I hope they rot in hell. Achilles was just a pony! Real men do not abuse animals.


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