Grey Arabian stallion with infected cuts seized in Texas

Sam's owners have not yet been found.
Sam’s owners have not yet been found.

A grey Arabian stallion nicknamed Sam has been seized by authorities in Texas after being found with several deep infected cuts.

Parker County Sheriff’s Animal Control officers had responded to a call in the 3000 block of Agnes Circle in Springtown on Wednesday after a concerned citizen reported a horse had injured itself by trying to jump through a fence. It wandered on to her property.

The officers arrived to discover a gray Arabian stallion who was obviously malnourished, dehydrated and had suffered multiple scrapes and several deep cuts, which were infected.

The horse was immediately taken to a local veterinarian for treatment.

Sam’s condition was considered extreme due to his injuries and malnourished state, the sheriff’s office said.

Veterinary staff reported that Sam is expected to survive, but is on antibiotics and is medicated in order to manage his pain.

Officers determined that he had escaped from a nearby property, where another horse was located.

Officers obtained a warrant and seized the second horse, a black gelding, nick-named Jack, for safe keeping.

Jack was to undergo a veterinary evaluation today and is thought to be slightly malnourished.

He was discovered with cacti embedded in his facial area, but was not otherwise injured. Jack does not appear to be as malnourished as Sam.

The animal control officers reported that the property where the horses were located had only a single rotten bale of hay. The only water source on the property was a small stock tank which was very low and appeared to be stagnant.

At this time, no-one has come forward to claim either horse.

Officers are seeking the public’s help in identifying Sam and Jack and their possible owners.

Sheriff Larry Fowler said it was the second horse neglect case within a week.

“We cannot stress the importance of taking proper care of animals,” Fowler said. “The heat of summer requires extra care and attention which horses need. We caution all animal owners to provide adequate food, shelter and a constant clean water source for all animals.”

Sheriff Fowler encouraged the public to contact authorities if animal neglect is suspected.

Anyone with information about the ownership of Sam and Jack is encouraged to contact the the sheriff’s office on (817) 594-8845.

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