Moonwalking Socks: he’s not the baby daddy

Socks as a rapper.
Socks as a rapper.

Moonwalking stallion Socks may have a roving eye for the ladies, but his swim across a small lake for an amorous encounter with another stallion’s mare failed to spawn his love-child.

The mare, Benston Kimberley, did have a black colt foal, named Scamp, but DNA testing has shown that the father was the stallion Nuggett, with whom she had been running.

Socks, who leapt to fame as the short-legged moonwalking star in a commercial for British broadband provider Three, hit the headlines a week ago after it was revealed he had swum across a small lake on his Shetland Island stud for an amorous encounter with Kimberley.

Socks apparently had plans to expand on his three mares by adding Kimberley to his band.

Stud owner Mari Williamson cottoned on to Socks’ antics and ordered DNA tests to be sure her bloodlines were kept correct.

Socks reports on his own Facebook page, where has has nearly 1200 followers: “All I have to show for it is some battle scars.”

Williamson, 42, reports she is considering a more formal liaison between Socks and Kimberley for next breeding season.

Indeed, if there is any cad in the story, that title may well belong to Nuggett.

The DNA testing has revealed Nuggett fathered a foal, named Scallywag, to Felicity, one of Socks’ mares, the Daily Telegraph in Britain reports.

“Socks is a bit of a Casanova, but Nuggett has beaten him to it,” it quoted Williamson as saying.

Williamson will be increasing fencing around the lake to repeat any repeat of the pasture-hopping.

The YouTube video of Sock’s moonwalking antics has now topped 6.8 million views.

Most of the video was filmed on the cliffs of Eshaness on the Shetlands.

Socks underwent two weeks of work for the commercial with animal trainer Elaine Tait, who taught Socks the moves he would need to make before the digital wizards took control to complete the moonwalking effect.

Socks was taught to go up on his hind legs and to paw the ground on command.

Tait started by teaching him to paw a facecloth on the ground. Eventually, he was able to paw the ground when instructed.

He was rewarded during his training with carrots.

Socks was fitted with hair extensions and was made to look his best by local hairstylist Bjoern Larson for the appearance.


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