Research shows most Missourians oppose horse slaughter


A majority of Missouri residents are opposed to horse slaughter, a survey conducted on behalf of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) suggests.

The poll, conducted by Lake Research Partners, found that 70 percent of Missouri voters are opposed to the slaughter of US horses for human consumption and that 75 percent do not want a horse slaughter plant in their community.

The statewide survey reveals that Missourians overwhelmingly oppose horse slaughter regardless of their political affiliation, gender, geographic location or whether they live in an urban or rural area.

In 2011, Congress chose to remove language from an appropriations bill that banned federal inspectors at horse slaughter plants in the US, opening the door for a return of horse slaughter on American soil, despite broad opposition to the practice.

Several applications have been filed with the US Department of Agriculture by companies – including one in Gallatin, Missouri – that want to slaughter horses on American soil.

If the application is approved, it would be the first facility in the US to slaughter horses for human consumption since 2007, when the few remaining plants closed and Congress chose to suspend funding for any further horse meat inspections.

“There is broad consensus in Missouri, as there is throughout the nation, that our horses deserve more than to be shuttled off to a gruesome death and served abroad as a toxic delicacy,” said Nancy Perry, senior vice-president of ASPCA government relations.

“With 70 percent of all registered voters in the state opposed to the slaughtering of American horses, opening a horse slaughterhouse in Missouri clearly flies in the face of public opinion, and using our precious tax dollars to enable horse slaughter on US soil is even more tone deaf.

“Enacting a ban on horse slaughter has never been more urgent.”

According to the poll, 7 in 10 Missouri registered voters surveyed opposed allowing American horses to be slaughtered for human consumption, with 57 percent in strong opposition to the practice.

In addition, 3 in 4 Missouri voters do not want a horse slaughter plant in their community, with just 13 percent of voters supporting such a facility.

Furthermore, opposition to a horse slaughtering facility extends across race, age, political affiliation, and geographic divides, with 73 percent of rural voters and 72 percent of urban voters disapproving of such a facility.

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One thought on “Research shows most Missourians oppose horse slaughter

  • June 8, 2013 at 10:01 am

    Missouri does NOT want to murder horses. People know they only use less than 60 percent of the horse in slaughter. So nearly half the body is left over. No one wants to kill animals for half the body to lay in a pile rotting. This is America, and Missouri has a really strong history with the horses and even has a breeds coming from it’s past-the Missouri Fox Trotter being one. We need to work diligently to see that Missouri is protected from the horse killers and keep our animals in-tact. Please sign on Change.Org Petition to overturn the legalization of the slaughter of horses for human consumption. listed under animals.


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