Australian firefighters rescue Fuzz from a well

Fuzz the pony is hoisted out of the well after spending a night in the hole.
Fuzz the pony is hoisted out of the well after spending the night in the hole.

Australian firefighters have come to the rescue of a pony named Fuzz, hauling him to safety after he spent a night down a well.

Fire & Rescue New South Wales got an emergency call about Fuzz around 7.20am on Tuesday, reporting that he was trapped down a well on a property on Cadia Road, near Orange.

Firefighters from Orange found the two-year-old Welsh Mountain pony had fallen 3 metres into the well and appeared injured.

“It became obvious very quickly that the animal would need to be lifted out as there was no way Fuzz could physically climb out himself,” Orange Station Commander Chris Sanders said.

“We put a rescue plan into place that required a mobile crane, a vet, some help from local authorities and the rescue know-how and experience of the firefighters at the scene.”

Climbing down into the well, Fuzz’s owner and a local veterinarian worked with firefighters to calm and secure him before a crane was carefully moved in to lift the intrepid pony free.

Shortly after 9.40am, a wet, cold and slightly battered and bruised Fuzz was hoisted clear.

Once back on dry ground, he was treated for his injuries, rugged up and reunited with his grateful owners.

Sanders said: “We really appreciate the response we got from vet Kate Burnheim, and a local crane operator Central West Cranes when the call for assistance went out.

“It was a very tricky, and potentially dangerous, situation made easier by professionals who understood what firefighters needed and what needed to be done to rescue Fuzz.”

Fuzz was reported to be recovering well.

The hole is being fenced off, the fire service said.

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