Patty the painting donkey in talent-show quest

Patty with her assistant, Vicky, on Britain's Got Talent.
Patty with her assistant, Vicky, on Britain’s Got Talent.

Patty the painting donkey took a broad-brush approach to her crack at television greatness on the show, Britain’s Got Talent, but in the end she was unable was sway judge Simon Cowell.

Cowell declared that Patty was beautiful, but felt her artistic skills needed to develop further before she was a true contender.

Patty is among several animals who have stepped up in a bid to emulate the winning performance from last year of Ashleigh and her performing dog, Pudsey.

Patty, 9, came to the show from the British charity, Horseworld, where her handler, Vicky, trained her to paint in just six weeks.

Cowell declared after Patty had let your artistic juices flow on the canvas, splurging a colourful array: “She is absolutely beautiful, but I’m slightly disappointed because I actually thought that the donkey was going to do a mountain range.

“My advice is you actually pay for the donkey to have painting or drawing lessons. That isn’t good enough.”

Patty may have dipped out on Britain’s Got Talent, but she has already carved out a reputation as an artist.

She was rescued from Romania in 2005.

It quickly became apparent that she was a very intelligent donkey and needed to have something to keep her mind occupied.

Her grooms at Horseworld began to teach her a range of tricks through clicker training, during which she revealed her aptitude for painting.

Patty appeared in the first episode of the seventh series on Saturday night. Her colorful masterpieces regularly sell for £100 or more.

Those interested in a Patty original can even commission their own works – all in the aid of charity. Go to

Patty at work at home.
Patty at work at home.



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