Wild stallion rescued from surf in North Carolina

Amadeo is likely to remain in care after an injury to his one good eye.
Amadeo is likely to remain in care after an injury to his good eye.

A blind wild stallion has been rescued from the surf in North Carolina after coming off second-best in a fight with another stallion.

The stallion, already blind in one eye from an earlier fight, suffered damage to his good eye during a fight with another stallion over a group of mares.

Having suffered the injury, the apparently disorientated stallion entered the surf on North Carolina’s Outer Banks in Carrituck County. It was then caught in a rip and swept 1.6 kilometres offshore.

Karen McCalpin, the director of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, which helps care for the famous wild horses which inhabit the outer banks, said the stallion managed to reach a sand bar and regain some footing.

Amadeo after he was rescued from the surf.
Amadeo after he was rescued from the surf.

This gave lifeguards from the Corolla Rescue Unit the chance to get rescue buoys behind him and begin pushing the horse along, guiding him back to shore.

The stallion is recovering but may remain nearly blind and is not likely to return to the wild. In that case, he will permanently remain under care for the rest of his life.

He has been named Amadeo, or “blessed by God”.

The fund’s Facebook page said Amadeo’s eye was improving but there was no certainty over the level of vision that will return.

“His overall health is good but it is still day by day regarding his vision.”



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