Review into agency’s handling of horse-meat scandal

Professor Pat Troop
Professor Pat Troop

Britain’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has agreed to an independent review of its response to the nation’s horse-meat contamination scandal.

The FSA’s board agreed at a meeting on Wednesday that the review will be conducted by Professor Pat Troop, with a secretariat provided by the agency.

Troop will have unrestricted access to all documents held by the agency that are relevant to the scope of the review, which covers the adulteration of processed beef products with horse meat and pork.

The contamination was quickly identified as a European-wide issue, with tens of millions of ready-made meals pulled from supermarket freezers.

The incident has thrown a spotlight on the complexities of the food chain and its vulnerability to the actions of rogue traders.

Troop will also have access to agency board members and officials.

The secretariat will aim to secure access to any external people or organisations as necessary.

The findings of the review will be presented to the board at its open board meeting on June 4, 2013, with a formal report to be submitted to the agency by the end of June 2013 for publication.

This project will feed into a larger government review of this issue.

Troop is currently vice chairwoman of Cambridge University Hospitals. She was previously chief executive of the Health Protection Agency, a post she held for five years. Prior to this she was deputy chief medical officer at the Department of Health.


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  • April 21, 2013 at 6:00 am

    She Has A Massive Job Ahead Of Her Judt With Accepted FoodsSupply Issues. Including Horse Meat, She Needs To Chrck Closely As MoSt Of The Paperwork Is Forged By Killbuyers. If She Really Wants To Get To The Bottom Of This Issue, She Has To Trace Way Backwards To Find The Sources Of The Problem. And The Paper Trail Is Enormous..


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