Jet-setting weekend for Christian Ahlmann

Christian Ahlmann
Christian Ahlmann

World number one showjumper Christian Ahlmann has a busy weekend coming up, when he will compete at the Horses & Dreams meets Russia competition in Germany, then jet off to the Beijing Masters in China.

His trip will involve 7660 kilometres as the crow flies and a time difference of around seven hours.

Because the two events clash, Ahlmann decided to sign up to both.  On Wednesday and Thursday he will be in the Osnabrück region at Hof Kasselmann, which is an easy 106 kilometres from Marl – so almost down the road.

On Friday the showjumper will jet off to the Peking tournament before returning to Horses & Dreams on the Sunday.  The time difference could prove itself to be a real advantage.

Once the Longines Grand Prix has ben decided in the “Bird’s Nest” 2008 Olympic Stadium in Beijing, Ahlmann should make it  back “comfortably” to the Deutsche Kreditbank AG Grand Prix, which will be decided from 12.30pm in Hagen a.T.W.

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