Police horse Wrangler steps into retirement

Wrangler with Mounted Patrol officer Lora Hanks.
Wrangler with Mounted Patrol officer Lora Hanks.

One of the longest-serving horses in the Minneapolis Police Department in Minnesota has retired.

Wrangler took his leave from active duty on Friday for what the department described as a life of green grass and pleasant trail rides in a serene environment.

Wrangler started with the department in 2002 after being donated to the unit by Bunny Markfort.

During his 11 years of service Wrangler was regularly seen patrolling the downtown bar district, helping to keep the peace. He acted as an ambassador to the public throughout the city.

His other duties included working as a training mount through six Mounted Patrol academies, where he was a patient companion to many a Mounted Patrol “greenhorn”.

In 2008, Wrangler was part of a contingent of Minneapolis Police Mounted Patrol horses and riders who travelled to Mobile, Alabama, for extensive crowd control training.

As a part of the training Wrangler also participated in that city’s annual mardi gras celebration.

Wrangler at his new home.
Wrangler at his new home.

His retirement was a bittersweet moment for many officers, both past and present, in the Mounted Patrol as Wrangler, 17, retired from duty and returned to Markfort for a quet retirement.

Patrol staff thanked him for his gentle, dependable service to the city.

“You will be missed,” they said in a statement.


The unit is currently seeking horses that members of the public are willing to donate for public service. Anyone interested in discussing donating a mount to the MPD should contact Sergeant Chris Lokke at 612-290-3924 or christopher.lokke@minneapolismn.gov. Qualifications for patrol horses are geldings 3-10 years old and 15.2 hands tall.



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