State of the Brony nation revealed in census

A scene from The Crystal Empire
A scene from the opening of the new My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.

The latest census of bronies – the fans of the cartoon series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – attracted more than 20,000 online responses.

The organisers of the herd census said 21,637 bronies completed the survey this year, more than twice the number that took part last year.

“Where there were only 10 questions on last year’s census, this year there were 42,” the organisers said.

“This has resulted in an unprecedented view into the lives of the individuals who make up the herd.”

The census revealed that 84.4 per cent of census respondents were male, slightly lower than the 85.71 per cent of males last year.

The average age of fans was 20.19 years and the median age was 19. In all, 79 per cent of bronies are aged between 15 and 25.

Perhaps reflecting the young demographic, 95.6 per cent of respondents had never married, but 23.9 per cent said they had been in a serious relationship in the last year.

Twilight Sparkle is the most popular MLP character, according to the herd census.
Twilight Sparkle is the most popular MLP character, according to the herd census.

Most were from English-speaking countries and the biggest fan base was in the US, with 13,923 respondents. Canada was next with 1482 and Britain next with 1317.

About 88 per cent gave their race as white.

Questioned on their sexuality, 65.8 per cent listed themselves as exclusively heterosexual, with a further 14.4 per cent listing themselves as bisexual and 10.7 per cent describing themselves as asexual. Three per cent said they were polyamorous, 1.9 per cent gay and 1.2 per cent lesbian.

“Almost all respondents are happy with using the label brony to describe themselves,” the organisers said, “and more than three-quarters don’t believe that doing so is embarrassing.”

The most common reason given for watching the show was the characters, with others citing art, style and animation; the plot; the music, the voice talent; inside jokes; nods to the fan base; and the all-ages appeal.

The favourite characters were Twilight Sparkles and Fluttershy, with fans saying they identified with these characters the most.


The initial results of the census can be found here.

The website for the census is

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