Icelandic pony enjoys his maths


Skuggi the Icelandic horse may not quite be the master yet, but he makes a pretty good fist of counting just three days after picking up some elementary math skills.

icelandic-countJónína Valgerður Örvar, 15, told the Iceland Review website that her 10-year-old horse is the smartest equine she has come across.

Skuggasveinn, or Skuggi for short, has been in Jónína’s care for a year.

Skuggi picked up his maths skills in just three days, made all the more appealing by the treats on offer when he nails the right answer.

A video has been placed on YouTube to show off Skuggi’s abilities.

At present, Skuggi is able to identify numbers up to 10, which he taps out with his hoof, and, according to Jónína, he can even do some basic arithmetic.

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One thought on “Icelandic pony enjoys his maths

  • March 22, 2013 at 3:24 am

    Re. Skuggi. It looks to me as if the poney keeps pawing until he reaches the correct number when he is given a treat. Lots of fun though.


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