Venereal disease found in non-TB stallion in Ireland

Scanning electron micrographs of T. asinigenitalis MCE3.
Scanning electron micrographs of T. asinigenitalis MCE3.

A case of the venereal disease, contagious equine metritis, has been reported in a stallion in Ireland.

The case in Doughiska, Galway, was reported to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) last week.

The chief veterinary officer with the Department of Agriculture, Dr Martin Blake, said the stallion in question was a non-thoroughbred, who was imported in 2009.

He tested negative for the disease, caused by the bacterium Taylorella equigenitalis, in 2009, 2010 and 2011, but was positive in April 2012. Culture indicated he was negative for the disease on three occasions after treatment.

However, he was tested in February 2013 before the mating season and was positive.

Blake said all horses on the premises were non-thoroughbreds and there was no indication that the disease had spread to other equines.

“Antibiotic extended semen has been used to inseminate all mares. We have a vast wealth of evidence from last year to show the effectiveness of the extender – [about] 80 mares were covered and no spread occurred. No mares have been inseminated in 2013.”


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