Jack Daniels in fine spirits as he heads for retirement

Jack Daniels on duty.
Jack Daniels on duty.

The first horse purchased by Florida’s Palm Springs Police Department when it set up its mounted unit 18 years ago is about to step into retirement.

Effective from April 30, Jack Daniels will stand down from duty.

He is the last remaining horse from the original group brought in to start the unit.

Jack, a dark brown appendix quarter horse has no registration papers, but is believed to be about 25 years old.

His temperament, confidence and curiosity made him the ideal police horse.

During his career, he has been ridden in countless parades and events, delighting children, offering crowd control support to officers on the ground and proudly representing the City of Palm Springs.

He has served in memorial ceremonies twice as the “riderless horse”, most recently at the funeral for Cathedral City policeman Jermaine Gibson in 2011.

Jack’s retirement follows closely the retirement of his long-time rider, Sergeant Marc Melanson.

Jack will be used to train other horses on the unit while it searches for someone to adopt him.

Adoption candidates will be thoroughly screened to ensure that Jack goes to a good home.

The Palm Springs Police Department mounted unit has five horses and four sworn officers. It is looking to replace Jack and is in need of the public’s assistance to fund the purchase of a new horse. It will not be possible without the public’s generosity, the department said.


Tax-deductible donations (Tax ID# 59-3774840) should be directed to the “Palm Springs Mounted Enforcement Unit” or “MEU”.


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