Former Equine Canada CEO in saddle for champs

Akaash Maharaj in action.
Akaash Maharaj in action.

Akaash Maharaj may no longer be in the hot seat at Equine Canada, but he is still happy to take the heat in the saddle in representing Canada in tent pegging at the highest level.

The former chief executive of Equine Canada will be representing his country at the Asian Tent Pegging Championships, from March 19-23 in Delhi, India.

Tent pegging is a 2500-year-old cavalry sport created to develop and test the skills of mounted warriors, and is an FEI regional discipline. It is most often referred to in Canada as “Equestrian Skill-at-Arms”.

In addition to teams from Asia, the 2013 Asian Championships will include a team from each of the continental regions: Australia for Oceania; Egypt for North Africa; Great Britain for Europe; Jordan for the Middle East; South Africa for Sub-Saharan Africa; and Canada for the New World.

Maharaj, from Almonte, Ontario, earned Canada’s first gold medals at the sport’s international championships.

Maharaj will once again ride as a member of UNICEF Team Canada, in support of the United Nations Children’s Fund.

After the closing ceremonies, he will meet with legislators from across South Asia to discuss implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, and extending the remit of international law to bring trans-border criminals to justice.

“We are profoundly conscious that there is no greater privilege for an athlete than to represent our country in international competition,” said Colonel the Honourable Henry Jackman, who serves as Akaash’s equerry.

“We are proud that we will face the best combat riders the world can assemble, and prouder still that we will do so while carrying the maple leaf.”


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