Colt foal a victim of neglect, winter cold

The colt foal was sadly euthanised after being found in a weakened state.
The colt foal was sadly euthanised after being found in a weakened state.

A colt foal found emaciated and exhausted during a recent bout of freezing winter weather in Ireland has been euthanised.

The Irish SPCA said on Tuesday that the call about the colt was one of many about equine welfare concerns during the recent spate of bad weather.

ISPCA Inspector Lisa O’Donovan said she found the distressed colt in a field just outside the Mallow area.

“It would appear that he had been lying in the rain for quite some time and was losing his battle for life. It’s very sad to see young animals like this in horrendous conditions.”

The young animal, although still alive, was in a weakened state and emaciated.

Every effort was made to get him to his feet, she said.

“We tried every measure to get him standing but he was in such a weakened undernourished state he simply was not able to even hold his head up for longer than a minute or so.”

The attending veterinarian euthanised him.

“This is the fourth call in the Mallow region in a short period of time where the ISPCA had to intervene,” O’Donvan said.

“Unfortunately for this foal, he could not be saved, but we are thankful to have eased his suffering.

“His death would have been a long slow one, and no animal deserves to suffer in this manner as a result of heartless uncaring owners.

“We are unable to locate an owner for him as he was not microchipped. Unfortunately, this too is an on-going issue.”


One thought on “Colt foal a victim of neglect, winter cold

  • March 21, 2013 at 11:47 am

    So could the colt not be warmed up with warm i.v. fluids, glucose and treated for hypothermia ? Rubbed dry and blanketed, lifted and brought indoors ? I carry an emergency blanket ( silver fabric like foil ) in the car in case of accidents, and we have used them on sick calves. You are dead, until you are warm and dead. Dear preserve me and my animals from the ministrations of the ‘prevention of cruelty’ associations.


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