Big push to straighten out Spindles

Young Spindles is getting a shot at a normal life.
Young Spindles is getting a shot at a normal life.

There are no prizes for guessing how Spindles got his name.

He did not get the best of starts to life in Israel, but every effort is being made to ensure he grows into a robust and healthy donkey.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) reports that Spindles’ front legs simply could not hold him up, and he had to see a specialist vet for treatment.

He is one of the donkeys being helped by the WSPA and its local partner, Pegasus, a horse and donkey rescue centre in Israel.

The WSPA says Spindles is lucky to be alive.

“His mother, Michaela, a beautiful grey donkey, had been rescued from certain death after being abandoned in the desert,” the WSPA’s Middle East programmes manager, Alistair Findlay, said.

“Blind, emaciated and with a broken leg, no-one knew she was about to have a baby. Spindles came as a surprise to everyone. But the neglect she suffered meant his legs had not formed properly.

“He was born prematurely, before his legs had the chance to form properly.

“They began to collapse under his weight until he could hardly stand.”

Twice a day, they are cast and bandaged to encourage them to straighten.

Spindles has been making progress, the charity reports, but still has a long way to go.

“We’re all hoping Spindles responds to his treatment.”

The charity has set up a “virtual cast”, providing people with the opportunity to send a message of support to Spindles and thank the Pegasus team for their work in helping donkeys and horses.

The virtual cast can be found here.



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