Moonwalking Shetland the planet’s most viral video


Socks the moonwalking Shetland pony is taking the online world by storm. The video of the short-legged dancing equine ranks as the most viral video on the planet in the last 24 hours.

socksThe one-minute video, made by the London-based creative communications agency Wieden + Kennedy for British mobile phone company Three, chalked up 197,000 shares in the last 24 hours, taking it to the top of the Viral Video Chart operated by video technology company Unruly.

Even though the video has been online on YouTube for only about three days, it has already climbed to 10th in the seven-day rankings.

At the time of writing, the video had been viewed on YouTube 1,424,239 times.

The video was purpose-built to go viral, and aims to get people to share their funny clips or photographs digitally.

The campaign carries the strapline, “Silly stuff. It matters”.

The advertisement hit British television screens for the first time last Friday night.

It was shot against the dramatic backdrop of the Shetland Islands and follows the story of a stocky little Socks with a penchant for moonwalking, which he accomplishes to the sound of “Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac.

The ad campaign includes the website,, where visitors can digitally add a few more funky moves to Socks’ repertoire.

The advertisement was filmed last northern summer at Eshaness, a headland on the northwest coast of the north Shetland mainland, and on Foula, an island west of the Shetland mainland.

The ad agency, in explaining the concept behind the ad, said it was sharing this silly stuff with each other on a daily basis that connected people.

“Wieden + Kennedy has embraced this trend in our latest work for our clients, mobile network Three. Because when it comes to silly stuff, they know it matters.

“But rather than just play back the crazy things online that we all like to share, we wanted actually to contribute to it. We wanted to celebrate the seemingly silly stuff and also provide the means for people to mess with it and create their own little pieces of joy that they can share [at].”

Mobile network Three was one of the successful bidders for the high speed 4G mobile spectrum, paying £225m for its coverage, meaning the bandwidth is sure to be there to share material.

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