Bullwhacked, by Kathy Cohen


bullwhackedRodeo is a serious business, and you might think that there is little opportunity to find humor in the most serious of all disciplines – bullriding.

Luck, determination, bruises and broken bones are a constant in the sport, and death by bull is always an option.

by Kathy Cohen
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Having just watched a rerun of a Canadian rodeo program which documented several cowboys on their journey to the country’s national finals, I had already had a taste of what might be in store in Bullwhacked.

The rodeo cowboy’s life is one of weeks on the road following the circuit, injuries, the struggle for points and cash to keep going in the sport they love.

It might seem a crazy occupation to outsiders, and as I said earlier, not much opportunity for humor. But in Bullwhacked, Kathy Cohen has shown us the lighter side of the sport, and brought the characters on the circuit to life with all their quirks and shortcomings. No doubt some of these folks are based on real-life characters.

For bullriders, the spectre of grievous injury and death are always on their shoulders, but in Bullwhacked – a nice play on words, given the topic – the dastardly deeds are more often outside the arena than in, as “rodeo dad”  Cooper Lydell tracks his son and meal ticket, the superstar bullrider Tommy, who appears to have been kidnapped.

I won’t give any more of the plot away, but Bullwhacked is a fun read , and fortunately, not too many of the good guys bite the big one.

It’s had great reviews from those inside the sport, and fans will be awaiting a follow-up on the adventures of the Lydells.


kathy-cohenAbout the author:

Kathy Cohen competed in quarter horse shows in the Midwest from an early age. The Kansas City Royal and Aksarben horse shows are among her many equestrian and western pleasure wins. Her stepfather is an accomplished horse trainer.

Cohen says: “We went to rodeos for entertainment and marveled at how really dangerous the sport is. (My stepfather once lent a pair of chaps to a contestant who was then killed in the arena. He felt too awkward to try to get the chaps back under the circumstances). I thought it would be interesting to use such a dangerous sport and yet find some humor in it. Bull riders are pretty macho guys, so I thought I’d show something less stereotypical to readers. (I’d like to add that training and showing horses isn’t like lounging in a recliner and watching the television either. I had one side of my face kicked in by a horse, and my stepfather suffered a fractured pelvis, brain trauma, and many lesser injuries over the years. Thank heavens for plastic surgeons!)

She currently resides in Minneapolis. With a degree in English literature and some non-fiction credits, Bullwhacked is her her first novel.

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