Biosecurity measures taken over Florida EHV-1 case

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ehvA horse stabled in Grand Prix Village, in Wellington, Florida,  has tested positive for Equine Herpes Virus-1 (EHV-1).

Equestrian Sport Productions said the horse tested negative for the virus with the nasal PCR swab, but positive to the blood test.

Biosecurity measures have been put in place at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC), because two horses from the same farm had been placed in “FEI Stabling” at the center.

The horse that tested positive has not shown any neurological symptoms and there are no positive tests on horses on the property. There are no sick horses on PBIEC property.

Biosecurity protocols that were enacted on February 22 have still been in place and will remain until further notice.

Equestrian Sport Productions asked all equestrians, especially those stabling off PBIEC property, to enact biosecurity protocols and be proactive and responsible for their horses, including daily temperature charts.

The horse that was tested was never on the center’s property and was isolated on private property in Grand Prix Village. However, two horses from that Grand Prix Village Farm were moved into the FEI Stabling at the center.

Within FEI Stabling, those two horses had no other horses directly next to them or behind them, and those two horses could not touch noses with other horses. The closest horses to the two exposed were across a 12-foot aisle.

On the evening of Tuesday, February 26, the two horses from Grand Prix Village that were in FEI Stabling were moved back to their farm in Grand Prix Village on the recommendation of the state veterinarian. That farm in Grand Prix Village is under quarantine.

Since those two horses from Grand Prix Village were in the same barn as the horse that tested positive through blood and were then in FEI Stabling, the state agriculture department has temporarily closed FEI Stabling.

Consequently, horses in FEI Stabling will be monitored closely. The FEI Stabling will be closed, with no horses arriving or leaving until tests come back at about 4pm on February 28 on the two horses that were in the Grand Prix Village Farm and then FEI Stabling.


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