New horse bit wins innovation award

Stubben's Full Cheek Snaffle 2 in 1.
Stübben’s Full Cheek Snaffle 2 in 1.

A new bit by German manufacturer Stübben has been recognised with an ETN Innovation Award at BETA International’s trade fair in Birmingham last week.

The Full Cheek Snaffle 2 in 1 bit features an innovative mouthpiece, which offers two additional impact levels in the horse’s mouth by simply switching the sides of the bit.

If the more angular side of the bit is used towards the horse’s tongue, the pressure occurs more selectively. If the round side is buckled toward the horse’s tongue, there is a  softer impact.

The judges noted that the bit’s sweet copper link would encourage saliva production for better acceptance. The makers say that changing the buckling from time to time prevents a desensitization of the horse’s mouth.

The judging panel consisted of course designer Ian Stark, event rider Nicola Wilson, veterinary surgeon Tom Beech, Jackie Potts, groom for William Fox-Pitt and former Groom of the Year, and Paralympics gold medal-winning rider Natasha Baker, who judged awards across eight categories.

“Our judges did a tremendous job, as usual,” said BETA International organiser Claire Thomas. “The Innovation Awards celebrate the finest traditions of design, invention and originality, and this year we were pleased to include a Country Fashion category for the first time.”

The Innovation Awards were part of the BETA trade show at the NEC in Birmingham.
The Innovation Awards were part of the BETA trade show at the NEC in Birmingham.

The winners were:




Company: Keyflow (UK) Ltd

Product: Whitaker Bros Jumpmix 

Whitaker Bros Jumpmix is a scientifically formulated, fully balanced medium energy feed designed specifically for horses competing in all forms of short format jumping. It is also suitable for polo ponies and activities where on-demand ‘cool’ energy is required. 

Judges’ comments: “This is a good quality feed which provides the correct level of energy required by show jumpers. We were impressed by the high specification ingredients, including probiotics and beetroot which contains Nitrate (Nitric Oxide) to help aid exercise tolerance, power output and stamina.”

Highly commended

Company: Keyflow (UK) Ltd

Product: Mark Todd Maestro 

Mark Todd Maestro is a fully balanced high specification feed for horses and ponies in medium to hard work. This scientifically formulated feed is easy to digest and includes ingredients to meet higher energy demands and maximise performance. 

Judges’ comments: “Micronization and wet steam extrusion are advanced feed technologies which result in a low intake product for more effective results. The packaging is excellent and gives a clear overview of the high quality ingredients selected for their ability to support a horse in medium to hard work.” 




Company: Grabbit

Product: Grabbit 

The Grabbit is the only product on the market designed for moving rubber matting. Designed as a simple solution to a job that everyone hates, the Grabbit tool effectively grabs rubber matting and is great for use in stables and horseboxes. 

Judges’ comments: “The Grabbit is easy to use and very effective. It would be a great piece of kit for any yard with rubber matting.”

Highly commended

Company: Equine Fusion AS

Product: Performance 

The first real ‘jogging’ shoe for equines, Performance is flexible, light and durable, protecting hooves from shock, wear and unnatural pressure. It is designed to protect and support while respecting anatomy and biomechanics. 

Judges’ comments: “The Performance shoe is very easy to fit and the upper and under-sole is flexible, working in harmony with the hoof and not impeding movement or functionality. We felt this hoof shoe would be particularly useful for therapy and rehabilitation.”




Company: Microfibre Store Ltd

Product: Doggy Bag 

With the super absorbent Doggy Bag, owners can keep their pet, home and car spotless after walks. It effectively absorbs water, slobber, sand and mud. Ideal when kept in the car, simply zip dogs inside after a walk and they will be dry in no time. 

Judges’ comments: “This novel idea offers a practical and simple solution for wet and muddy dogs. The Doggy Bag is made from premium Microfibre material, making it more effective than standard towels and the mess is contained inside the bag.”


Highly commended

Company: Equilogical Ltd

Product: Spill and Accident Kit SAK 

The Spill and Accident Kit SAK contains Sprinkle absorbency powder, Germ Kill bactericidal spray and Mess Away; an organic waste digester. All contained in a handy kit bag, the products enable quick and efficient removal of faeces and urine, eliminating the need for disposable gloves and paper towels. The unpleasant mess is turned in to a rose-scented gel which is then swept or scraped up. 

Judges’ comments: “The kit would be very handy for use when toilet training puppies and kittens, also great for elderly incontinent pets.”




Company: Treehouse Sporting Colours Ltd

Product: Elite Arena Jacket 

The Elite Arena Jacket is smart and stylish with the inflatable part discreetly zipped on the inside. This safety conscious air jacket incorporates cutting-edge technology for high performance without compromising on style. 

Judges’ comments: “This is a very fashionable jacket which would appeal to all levels of rider. It is machine washable and the inflatable part can be used in other clothing from the range making it very versatile.”


Highly commended

Company: Tredstep Ireland Ltd

Product: Symphony Breech Collection by Tredstep 

This stylish collection of breeches uses high performance fabrics to set a new standard in breech design. Combined with Motion Fit technology comprising of an Integrated Cuff, Definition Waistband and Articulated Knee Pad to accommodate rider movement, the breeches provide a beautiful fit and enhanced performance. 

Judges’ comments: “The breeches are fantastic quality and look very stylish. The Articulated Knee Pads provide effective traction which would be very useful in certain circumstances.”




Company: Stűbben Riding Equipment UK & Ireland Ltd

Product: 2 in 1 Full Cheek Snaffle 2273 

The 2-in-1 Full Cheek Snaffle features an innovative mouthpiece, which increases attention and concentration, as well as preventing desensitization of the mouth. The upper side of the mouthpiece features a rounder shape and provides a smoother impact on the horse’s mouth. The bottom side has an angular shape giving a stronger action on the horse’s mouth. By simply changing the sides, both effects can be alternated.

Judges’ comments: “We would all use this bit as it is well made and the sweet copper link will encourage saliva production for better acceptance of the bit. Advanced and professional riders should find this very useful and versatile.”


Highly commended

Company: Equilibrium Products

Product: Tri-Zone Airlite Allsports Boots 

This useful ‘multi-purpose’ boot combines high protection, with lightness, flexibility and breathability. It is ideal for use across the disciplines, from leisure rider to competitor. The innovative design is supported by scientific research and testing carried out in independent laboratories. Flexi Strike Guard protects the most vulnerable areas of the leg, whilst the Ventilated Cushion Lining helps to keep the legs cool. 

Judges’ comments: “The boots are tough and well-designed offering a suitable level of protection and a flexible lining moulds nicely around the leg for a comfortable fit. They look very smart and are perfect for any activity requiring leg protection and support.”




Company: Walk Trot Canter Ltd / USG

Product: USG Equiairbag 

The USG Equiairbag is designed to protect the rider’s entire spinal column – from the nape of the neck to the coccyx – without restricting movement. It allows the wearer to fold and roll for maximum mobility and safety. It also prevents the fall back of the head without pushing it forwards. 

Judges’ comments: “The USG Equiairbag is an intelligent design which allows the rider to bend fully as the inflation is at the back protecting the spine. It is light and comfortable to wear providing much needed protection.”


Highly commended

Company: L S Sales (Farnam) Ltd

Product: Intelligent Ice 

The Intelligent Ice system stays cold for four hours and reduces inflammation without freezing tissue or causing ice burns thanks to the revolutionary liquid inside. It can be secured on any area, so is suitable for a variety of injuries requiring cold therapy. 

Judges’ comments: “Intelligent Ice is very adaptable and robust, a must have product for any horse owner. It is a safe and effective way of applying dry cold therapy without the risk of ice burns or freezing tissue, ideal for inflammation or walking a horse off after cross country.”




Company: Regatta Ltd

Product: Snowpak 3 in 1 

This stylish and warm 3-in-1 boot is a breakthrough in footwear design. It can be worn with or without the inner fleece lining and also indoors as a slipper, as the inner bootee has an anti-slip tread. They are water resistant and ideal for a variety of wintery terrains. 

Judges’ comments: “These quality boots look great and are very practical for wet and snowy weather. You can remove the outer boots and step straight in to the house with the inner bootees on which make warm and cosy slippers.”


Highly commended

Company: Luxury New Zealand Original Knitwear Ltd

Product: Possmere 

A luxury collection of socks, gloves, garments and accessories made with a blend of possum fur and merino wool which was developed in New Zealand in the 1900’s to help address a possum issue. This unique fibre blend delivers extraordinary warmth without weight for a sumptuously soft, pill-resistant, hardwearing garment which is easy to care for.

Judges’ comments: “Possmere is very warm and comfortable to wear and the range is both practical and the garments are well-designed.”




Company: LFA Celtic/horseRATION

Product: horseRATION 

horseRATION is the first app developed specifically for horse owners to calculate equine feed rations.  It takes body condition score, behaviour and health status into considerationa.. The aim is for owners to save money by feeding the correct amounts of forage and hard feed to avoid nutritional-related health problems such as obesity. 

Judges’ comments: “The research behind this app was carried out by Aberystwyth University and senior industry representatives. This is an invaluable tool for any owner seeking extra guidance and should ultimately save them money.”


Highly commended

Company: Rosker Ltd

Product: Stubben 

Stubben is a practical backpack combining country styling with a clever integrated lightweight aluminium frame which doubles up as a seat. Described as the ‘perfect shooter’s companion’ the high quality water-resistant G-1000 fabric will keep the contents of the backpack dry while remaining durable and smart. There are various pockets and a variety of zips for easy access. 

Judges’ comments: “The Stubben is very sturdy and lightweight and would be great to use at equestrian events or for any countryside activity.”

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