Lasagne pulled from Hong Kong stores over horse-meat fears

findus-beef-lasagneThe horse-meat scandal affecting 13 European nations has spread beyond the continent, with a beef lasagne being pulled from freezers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong’s Centre for Food Safety (CFS) urged the public not to consume the 360-gram Findus beef lasagne imported from Britain because of the risk it might be adulterated with horse meat.

Retailers should stop selling the product concerned, it said.

The Findus lasagne in question has been made by French firm Comigel at its Luxembourg plant – the source of Findus lasagnes sold in several European countries which were found to be contaminated with horse meat.

The CFS said the importer, PARKnSHOP, was contacted and was informed that the company had stopped the sale of the affected product and initiated a recall.

CFS staff have also conducted checks at other retail outlets and, so far, found no affected product available for sale.

The spokesman advised consumers who had bought the affected product, regardless of any batch, not to consume it.

A CFS spokesman said: “The CFS will continue to monitor the development of the situation in order to take appropriate follow-up action.”


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