My horse, my Valentine

A British survey has revealed that most horsewomen would rather spend time with their horse than their partner on Valentine's day.
A British survey has revealed that most horsewomen would rather spend time with their horse than their partner on Valentine’s day.

A survey by a British equine TV company has found that most women would rather ride their horse on Valentine’s day than spend time with their partner, and most also said they gave their horse more attention.

When asked would their perfect Valentine’s gift, not one respondent asked for the standard sexy underwear, box of chocolates or bunch of roses, with many preferring a comfy pair of jodhpurs. Lingerie was nowhere in sight, but some of the quirkier answers included:

  • A new engagement ring (lost it in a field!)
  • Horsebox
  • For my husband to suddenly love horses
  • A lorry load of organic hay
  • A winning Lottery Ticket to buy more horses

Britain is a country with more than three million horse riders, according to Horse & Country TV, which set out to discover where their viewers’ loyalty really lie this Valentine’s day. It found that 72% of women surveyed would rather go out for a ride on their horse than spend the day with their partner, and 75% said they gave their horse more attention than their partner.

Just under half (44%) said they would be spending Valentine’s Day with their horse rather than their partner, and on in three people said they would be getting their horse a Valentine’s gift.

When asked about the perfect horse-riding celebrity, Jeremy Irvine’s performance in War Horse topped the list with 28% of the vote, beating the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal in Brokeback Mountain (25%), and Russell Crowe in Les Misérables (18%).

Horse & Country TV editor Victoria Spicer said the survey results would strike a chord with many women who horse ride all over the UK. “Spending time with horses – whether it’s just looking after them or riding – can really lift your mood, and a real rapport can develop between an owner and their horse.

“As with human relationships, they require effort, time and dedication. Horses are very loyal and sensitive to our emotions. Unlike wild horses, domestic horses are dependent upon us for their survival, comfort and well-being. A great deal of blood, sweat and tears can go into the care of a horse, so it’s no wonder why a real bond develops.

“We all crave escapism and some “me time”, and perhaps this is why women prefer to spend the day with their equine friends. Nor do horses answer back – which probably helps!”

However, there was no indication of what the horse husbands would rather be doing on Valentine’s day.




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