Horse and baby used in dream-like Citroen ad

Car maker Citroen has employed the charms of a galloping white horse, a blue-eyed baby with flowing locks, and an idyllic beach to help sell its DS3 Cabrio.

The advertisement was created by agency H Paris via director Tom Kuntz.

The action unfolds to the Spandau Ballet hit, “True”.

citroen-horseThe dream-like advertisement depicts the child galloping along in the idyllic beach setting, seemingly without a care in the world – until the appearance of a red traffic light.

The interruption is but momentary until the day-dreaming driver of a DS3 Cabrio gets the green light and is off.

The advertisement is entitled “Baby”. Its creative directors were Marco Venturelli and Luca Cinquepalmi, and the
art director was Luca Cinquepalmi.

Post-production work was done by Eight VFX in Los Angeles.

Sound design was the work of Kouz Production, in Paris.


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