Sweden drawn into horse-meat scandal

Sweden has been drawn into the horse-meat scandal which has caused consternation across Britain and Ireland.

Findus in Sweden said it was withdrawing its frozen 375-gram beef lasagna packs because testing revealed they contained horse meat.

This followed just days after it withdrew its beef lasagnas in Britain after testing revealed the product’s meat ranged from 60 per cent to 100 per cent horse.

Findus said the only product affected was its 375-gram lasagna product. It is understood about 20,000 such meals were withdrawn.

It said it had contacted all other beef suppliers and vendors of prepared foods containing beef and received assurances that its requirements and specifications were met.

Findus said there were no health risks attached to the product, and consumers were welcome to return it for a refund.

The company said it withdrew the lasagna from distribution warehourses on February 4, pending testing. Testing was then undertaken which revealed the presence of horse meat.

Findus Sweden AB is one of Sweden’s leading food companies, with more than 200 frozen products in its range.

It also markets more than 350 products for the restaurant and foodservice market.

Meanwhile, Britain’s Food Standards Agency has called in the police over the worst cases of horse-meat contamination in frozen burger products, suggesting such high levels of horse meat could only result from either gross negligence or deliberate contamination.


2 thoughts on “Sweden drawn into horse-meat scandal

  • February 10, 2013 at 5:10 am

    Until they can provide real traceability and identify where the horsemeat originated, how can they continue to suggest it is ‘safe’? Over 100000+ U.S. unregulated horses exported to Canada and Mexico with the majority going to the EU. The U.S. has NO food animal requirements for horses exported for slaughter – none! Horse dealers are allowed to create foreign drug affidavits as soon as they acquire a horse with no knowledge and no consequences! The EU horse dealers are allowed to get a new ‘clean’ passport when the original is lost. The EU has no idea what they are eating!

    • February 10, 2013 at 8:58 am

      And well deserved ! I hate that horses are slaughtered, but if it must happen, travel on the hoof should be the absolute minimum. Will we ever find out the true origin of the horses whose ‘meat’ was discovered and revealed all this fraud ? How far did they come before being in Poland,or wherever.


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