Animal Aid condemns three British racing deaths in a day


The group Animal Aid has reacted angrily to news of three horses deaths on British racecourses on Monday.

One broke his neck and two others suffered fatal leg breaks.

The horses were Mujamead, Desert Vision and Darlan – a highly-rated hurdler.

Animal Aid said no fewer than 105 horses had been killed on British tracks since last April’s Grand National Meeting at Aintree.

Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler said: “Horses are dying routinely on British racecourses but this rarely makes the news. It was only the star potential of one of yesterday’s three victims that triggered media coverage.

“Yesterday’s fatalities came about through varying circumstances.

“Nevertheless, what they and all the other racecourse deaths demonstrate is that commercial horse racing is inherently hazardous for the thoroughbreds concerned and that when the public bets on a race they are financing an enterprise that, by its very nature, is going to injure and kill a large number of horses.”


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