Care urged in returning Queensland livestock after flooding


queensland-floodQueensland officials are urging owners to prepare their flood-hit properties properly before returning their livestock.

Biosecurity Queensland Principal Biosecurity Officer Paul Willett said animals should be returned home only when it is safe to do so.

Animal owners should make appropriate preparations before returning animals to their property, Willett said.

  • Remove any potentially dangerous debris from the property as it could injure animals.
  • Provide animals with access to feed or suitable pasture and clean drinking water.
  • Make sure accommodation is clean, dry and undamaged so animals can be housed safely.
  • Ensure animals are not returning to an environment where they may be frightened by noise, activity or strangers.

Willett said once animals were returned, owners should ensure they have easy access to the animals so they can be monitored regularly.

“Animals returned to their homes after the recent flooding should be regularly checked to ensure they are settling in well.

“Initially, monitor them at least daily to ensure they are eating properly and have not sustained injuries from unobserved debris.”

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