Owner of horse stuck on five-bar gate given five-year ban

Little Man
Little Man

The owner of a stallion found by a British RSPCA inspector after seriously damaging his genitals trying to jump a five-bar gate has been banned for keeping horses for five years.

RSPCA inspector Rosie Russon answered a call in May about a thin horse at stables in Captains Wood Road, in Maldon, Essex.

She found Little Man, a five-year-old grey roan cob, standing in a field with untreated wounds to his genitals.

A vet was called and the horse was taken away for treatment.

Little Man had injuries to the sheath of his penis, swelling from his genitals to his neck and a serious infestation of mites in his feathered legs. Blood tests showed he was suffering from malnutrition.

Russon said: “On interviewing his owner I discovered that, during the previous week, he had been feeling frisky and tried to jump a five-bar gate to get to his mare in the next field but failed to clear it.

“He landed with his head underneath him looking backwards and his back legs caught on the other side of the gate.

“Apparently, a member of the public found him stuck and dismantled the five-bar gate in order to get him on to his feet again.”

Little Man’s owner John O’Leary, 63, of Cranley Gardens, London, was found guilty by Chelmsford magistrates of causing unnecessary suffering, and was ordered to pay £2100 costs and fined £1600. He was banned from keeping horses for five years.

Dereck Boyce, 65, of Rectory Road, Woodham Walter, Essex, who looked after Little Man, a mare and a filly for Mr O’Leary, was also found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering, ordered to pay £2100 and was given 200 hours community service order and a five year ban on keeping horses.


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