Motorists warned to be wary of horse traffic



There is almost nothing more obvious to motorists than a sign on the back of the bus, and it is hoped that such campaign will help raise awareness of the plight of horses and riders on the road.

A pilot equestrian road safety advertising project was trialed by the British Horse Society for a month in Lanarkshire, with the ‘t6’ poster’s message “Hit your brakes, not my horse” on the back of 10 buses.

The BHS says the project was enthusiastically welcomed by the horse owning community in the area and much interest was expressed from other regions in running a similar project.

Ask any horse rider and they will tell you about an incident they have been involved in while riding on the road. The British Horse Society wants drivers to be aware of the need to be careful when they meet horses on the road. It is not only horse and rider that can be injured; a horse colliding with a vehicle can cause significant damage to a vehicle and its occupants.

BHS Senior Executive, Safety, Sheila Hardy,  said the society received many reports each week on its dedicated safety website,, from horse riders who encounter dangerous driving when riding on the roads.

“Please help keep all road users safe and slow down for horses and riders, pass slowly giving them plenty of room, they will be extremely grateful,”  she said.

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