Donkey proves bad choice of getaway vehicle

Location of Juan de Acosta in Colombia.
Location of Juan de Acosta in Colombia.

A donkey proved to be the wrong getaway vehicle for three Colombian burglars, whose night-time raid was thwarted when their beast of burden began braying.

The 2am outburst by the donkey alerted police and the burglars were forced to flee, leaving behind the rum, oil, rice, cans of tuna, and sardines stolen from a shop in the Caribbean town of Juan de Acosta.

The newspaper Noticias Caracol reported that the offenders had intended to make their escape after loading their booty on to a 10-year-old donkey named Xavi, stolen some 12 hours before.

However, the animal’s braying alerted nearby police and the thieves fled.

Shop owner Fabio Orozco said the offenders broke in through the roof. He had all the items returned by police.

Xavi was held at the local police station for 12 hours before owner Orlando Olivares was notified and reclaimed him.

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