Para class new to Golden Horseshoe endurance ride

David Yeoman on Marlouf de Norvavre SILVER Saxon Trophy, Top Man, 100 mile Cup
David Yeoman on Marlouf de Norvavre won silver, the Saxon Trophy, Top Man, and the 100-Mile Cup at the Golden Horseshoe ride last year. © Ian Wigley

Several new classes have been added to this year’s edition of the famous Golden Horseshoe Ride, taking place on Exmoor from May 12 to 14. 

Following on from the success of Britain’s para-equestrians at the 2012 London Paralympics, this year’s ride will host an invitation only para class, with some high profile para riders set to take part or attend the event to offer their support.

New competitive classes for 2013 include the Exmoor Extra (120km over three days), the Exmoor 40 (40km in one day) and the Exmoor Novice (40km in one day). Advanced riders can choose from the Exmoor Experience (80km over two days), the Exmoor Stag (120km over two days), the Exmoor Eighty (80km in one day) and of course the famous Golden Horseshoe (160km over two days). All these classes are open to para riders, too, making this year’s event the most exciting to date.

“I’m really thrilled with how plans are proceeding for this year’s event and I’m delighted to welcome some high-profile para riders along,” said organiser Barbara Wigley.

“Golden Horseshoe is not only the highlight on every keen endurance rider’s calendar, but it attracts numerous entries for the annual pleasure ride, too, where riders can experience the joys of riding on Exmoor at a more leisurely pace.”

Last year’s persistent rain failed to prevent Horseshoe from going ahead and this year will be no different. “Of course we’re hoping the weather will be kinder to us this year,” Wigley said.

“But if not, I always have back-up plans in place.”

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