New horse apps for practical, spiritual help

Screen shot from the Horse Box app.
Screen shot from the Horse Box app.

Two new equine apps have hit the market, one to keep all a horse’s information safe and ready to find, and the other offering a practical and spiritual guide to your horses.

Horse Box was created after its developers realised a need to have information at their fingertips: “We’ve been caught short in every type of tricky situation, needing to contact a professional about our horse urgently, in the dark, in the rain and they ask us a question and our information is back at the stables.  So, we solved this problem by creating the simplest, easiest to use mobile horse owner’s app and named it “Horse Box”.

Users can add an unlimited amount of horses, and the app allows you to take and link photos to each of your horse’s profiles and quickly view and share pictures.

“Alongside this, you can link all of your awards to your horses, so each horse has it’s own precious moments saved, view the five days ‘your location’ weather forecast, easily filter or sync all of your horse appointments to the calendar so you never miss a date, and refer quickly to the essential details from our Horse Passport logbook.”

Horse Box is available to download now on the Apple App Store for £1.99 and an Android version is due out mid 2013.

Horse-Angels• Australian equestrian Jenny Pearce has launched a world first i-phone app called Horse Angel cards, where a user plays the cards to get a practical and spiritual guide to their horse, themselves and their relationship with their horse.

It can be done for fun, or taken seriously. “Either way, they are a creative way to understand your horse better.”

The cards may sometimes apply to another part of life.

“Your horse can take you on the most incredible, uplifting and joyous journey.  Our hope is that these cards will help you both in that journey.

“Start your journey with the cards by reading each card and then the explanations.

“Then call in the spirit of your horse – picture their face clearly in front of you.  Press the button for the cards to flow across the screen.  When you touch three cards for this reading – the cards will turn face up for you to see.  Then touch each card again to read the message from the horse angels for today.

“Take the information from the card and go back to your horse and/or your life with a new insight.”

The app is $A4.99 from here, and can also play on an i-pod touch and on an i-pad. The app also links to free lessons “The Six Keys to Happiness with Your Horse”, and a world-wide list of alternative therapy practitioners specialising in horses and riders and more.


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  • January 23, 2013 at 11:48 pm

    I’m always losing my farriers number, Horse Box is a life saver.


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