Ireland gets new equine TV channel

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irish-horse-tvA new television channel dedicated to horse sport and racing in Ireland is launching on February 5.

Irish Horse TV will be the first Irish station of its kind which combines flat and jump racing, excluding live racing, with the Olympic disciplines of show jumping, eventing, dressage as well as other equestrian pursuits.  The station will be targeted at both a domestic and an international audience and will serve to reinforce Ireland’s image as the ‘Land of the Horse’.

The project is the brainchild of Kildare TV, an online station which creates specialized TV stations and has pioneered online TV in Ireland with the creation of Kildare TV, Leinster GAA TV and GAA Handball TV.

“We have been working hard for the last two years in a bid to bring all of the elements of the Irish Horse together,” said Len Regan, Managing Director of Irish Horse TV.

“The Horse Racing and Sport Horse industry has a combined value of €1.5 billion and we are very pleased that we could bring all of the relevant stakeholders together to essentially promote and celebrate the very best of the Irish Horse Racing and Sport Horse industries.  We are delighted that horse racing and sport horses will both be represented on the channel, which will deliver a wide range of programmes to promote Ireland’s image as the ‘Land of the Horse’.”

The equine industry has warmly welcomed the initiative with Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) and Horse Sport Ireland (HSI), the respective Governing Bodies for the racing and the sport horse sector, coming on board with the new channel as founding partners.  Sponsorship has also been secured from other stakeholders including the RDS and The Irish National Stud.

The content of the channel will be varied, in a bid to maximise audience share and viewership, while a core panel of presenters and contributors is being established and applications are coming in for this.

More details of the content and programming will be announced when the station is officially launched on February 5.

Facebook page is:- irishhorsetv

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