Claire Aldridge new chairman of British Horse Society


BHS-logoClaire Aldridge has been named as the new Chairman of the British Horse Society, the largest equestrian charity in Britain.

Aldridge has been an active member of the Society for many years and was elected as a Trustee in June 2009. She has served as Vice-Chairman since April last year and now looks forward to working with the Board and the new Chief Executive to build a dynamic organisation serving all members.

Having run several successful businesses for more than 30 years up to the present day, Aldridge has a broad knowledge of business. Her understanding of the BHS is second to none, having served in a variety of roles including Chairman of the Safety Advisory Committee and as a Riding and Road Safety Examiner. She is currently the charity’s Welfare Officer for the London region, as well as Chairman of the Regional Welfare Officers and Chairman of the Equine Health and Welfare Advisory Committee. She is also Chairman of the North Kent Joint Equine Group.

The BHS Trustees also welcomed Margot Tiffany BHSI onto the Board. Tiffany rejoins the group, having previously served as a BHS Trustee from 2008 to 2011with particular interests in Qualifications and Training, Education and Welfare.

Tiffany, from Northallerton in Yorkshire,has worked throughout her life teaching and helping riders of all types, from competition to leisure riders. She is an exemplary ambassador for the Society who promotes goodwill and collaboration across the equestrian community. Her achievements were recognised at the end of last year when she received the prestigious Bodynfoel Award for excellent service in promoting the work of the BHS.

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