TBs dominate US eventing all-time leaderboard

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Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville.
Sinead Halpin and Manoir de Carneville, who is 32nd on the US Eventing Association’s all-time high point list. © Mike Bain

Six thoroughbreds are in the top 10 of eventing horses in the US, with Kim Severson’s Winsome Adante leading the historical high point leaderboard with 1355 points.

Irish sport horses also challenge at the sharp end of the leaderboard, with three making the top ten among the nine on the list, with the sole warmblood, Darren Chiaccia’s trakehner stallion Windfall II, making second place.

Some 35 horses listed as thoroughbreds make up the top 50 (actually, 51, as there are ties for 47th and 49th), including several New Zealand and Australian-bred thoroughbreds such as Phillip Dutton’s Woodburn (Hereward the Wake), Karen O’Connor’s Regal Scot (King Delamere), and Will Faudree’s Antigua (Match Winner).

Other than Windfall II (by Habicht) at number two, warmbloods do not appear to be a dominant force in the high levels of the sport. Of the other warmbloods, there is only Boyd Martin’s Remington XXV (Hanoverian by Rubenstein I) at 25th, the Selle Francais newcomers to the list Manoir de Carneville  (by Gaub, Sinead Halpin, 32nd)  and Fleeceworks Mystere du Val (by Veloce de Favi, Victoria New/Leslie Law, 37th), and the Swedish Warmblood Colombo (Selena O’Hanlon/Kyle Carter) in 45th.

The only other breed making the top 50 list is Nathalie Pollard’s West Farthing, who is listed as  British Sport Horse, but who is 7/8 thoroughbred and 1/8 Welsh Cob.

While Winsome Adante (84.5% thoroughbred, 9.5% arabian, and 6% Irish) holds onto the top spot from last year, there have been other movements in the list. Courageous Comet moved into the third spot – ousting recent Hall of Fame inductee Giltedge who had enjoyed the spot for several years. Ballynoe Castle RM also made a climb as he moved from 19th to 8th with over 200 points earned this year.

Arthur jumped up in the rankings as he wasn’t even in the top 50 last year and now sits in 20th with 754 points. Remington XXV rose from 40th to 25th, while Mandiba moved up 17 spots into 29th.


The list:

Rank Horse Name Breed Sire x Dam Owner Rider(s) Points
1 Winsome Adante Thoroughbred x Saunter x Juswith Genoa Plain Dealing Farm Kim Severson 1355
2 Windfall II Trakehner Habicht x Wundermaedel Timothy Holekamp Darren Chiaccia 1281.5
3 Courageous Comet Thoroughbred Comet Shine x Rosenelli Tom and Becky Holder Becky Holder 1164
4 Giltedge Thoroughbred Glenbar x Kitty Jacqueline Mars David O’Connor 1114
5 McKinlaigh Irish Sport Horse Highland King x Kilevmney Hostess Thom Schulz Gina Miles 1085
6 Hannigan Irish Sport Horse Western Promise x Bleeker Lady R. Bruce Duchossois Abigail Lufkin / Phillip Dutton 1063
7 The Foreman Thoroughbred Across the Field x Four Flora Ann L. Jones Phillip Dutton 1012
8 Ballynoe Castle RM Irish Sport Horse Ramiro B x Ballyvaldon Natalie Carl and Cassie Segal Buck Davidson 996
9 Dobbin Thoroughbred Lyphelius x Deal Debbie Deal Corrine Ashton Corinne Ashton 970
10 Antigua Australian Thoroughbred Match Winner x Great Mistake Will & Matt Faudree Will Faudree 957
11 Custom Made Irish Sport Horse Bassompierre x Purple Heather Joseph P. Zada David O’Connor 942
12 Northern Spy English Thoroughbred Unknown Heidi White Heidi White 902
13 My Beau Thoroughbred Prince Caspian x Melanie’s Dream Leigh Mesher Leigh Mesher/Amy Tryon 886.5
14 Carrick Thoroughbred Cozy Commander John Williams/ Elise De Papp/ Diane G. Tichell John Williams 879
15 Upstage Thoroughbred Touching Wood x Golly D’Ore Richard Thompson Karen O’Connor 865
16 Biko Thoroughbred Beau Charmeur x My Hansel Richard and Vita Thompson Karen O’Connor 860
17 Connaught Irish Sport Horse Ballysinern x Unknown R. Bruce Duchossois Phillip Dutton 835
18 Prince Panache Thoroughbred Nickel King Jacqueline Mars Karen O’Connor 797
19 Sloopy Thoroughbred Two Davids x Nearly Sloopy Boeckman/D. Williams John Williams / Lizzie Snow 779
20 Arthur Irish Sport Horse Brandenburg’s Windstar x Kelly Allison Springer Allison Springer 754
21 Eagle Lion Thoroughbred Gipfel x Stream Lion George Strawbridge Bruce Davidson 752
22 Rainbow Magic Thoroughbred Rhett Butler x Unknown J.C. Lilly Cathy Wieschoff 745
23 West Farthing Sport Horse Triple Sweet x April Folly Nathalie Pollard Nathalie Pollard 734
24 Poggio II Thoroughbred Polynesian Flyer x Waves Club Amy & Greg Tryon / Mark Hart Amy Tryon 732
25 Remington XXV Hanoverian Rubenstein I x Weserpaume Densey Juvonen Boyd Martin 723
26 Nova Top Thoroughbred RA Nova x Expo Topic Shannon Stimson Phillip Dutton 719
27 On A Mission Thoroughbred Covers x Unknown Beth Lendrum / Lynnleigh Farm David O’Connor 710
28 Waterfront Thoroughbred Kuwait Beach x Unknown Jan Bynny Jan Byyny 690.5
29 Mandiba Irish Sport Horse Master Imp x High Dolly Joan Goswell Karen O’Connor 683.5
30 Brandenburg’s Joshua Thoroughbred Gilded Rooster x Josh’s Dance William Lowe / Southern Edition Farm Stephen Bradley 680
31 Welton Molecule Thoroughbred Welton Crackerjack x Molly Malone Carl Bouckaert Carl Bouckaert 670
32 Manoir de Carneville Selle Francais Gaub x Carneville Carraig LLC Sinead Halpin 662
33 Troy Thoroughbred Unknown Penny Wilson Sarah Cousins 660
34 Jenga Thoroughbred Brigadier Linden x Glebes Scallywag VII Bonnie Mosser Bonnier Mosser 657
35 True Blue Girdwood Thoroughbred Loosen Up x Paramel Bronwen Dutton / Ann L. Jones Phillip Dutton 656
36 House Doctor Thoroughbred Inca Chief x Night House Rock Nina Gardner Phillip Dutton 643
37 Fleeceworks Mystere du Val Selle Francais Veloce de Favi x Inedite du Val Patricia New Victoria New / Leslie Law 635
38 Royal Venture Thoroughbred Unknown Sarah Kamensky Sarah Kamensky / Kim Severson 633
39 Livingstone Thoroughbred Wander Kind x Dancing Proud Hawley Bennett-Awad Hawley Bennett-Awad / Breann Hall 631
40 My Boy Bobby Irish Sport Horse Touchdown x Unknown Carl Segal Jessica Kiener / Buck Davidson 624.5
41 Woodburn Thoroughbred Herewood the Wake x Princess Heights Ann Jones / Acorn Hill Farm / Mardie Faucette Phillip Dutton / Emily Beshear 612
42 Wilton Fair Thoroughbred Wilton House x Kilclooney Grey Wilton Enterprise David O’Connor 609
43 Regal Scot Thoroughbred King Delamere x Unknown Jacqueline Mars / Richard Thompson Karen O’Connor 608
44 Cayman Went Thoroughbred Easy Goer x Secret Holdings Ann Jones Phillip Dutton 607
45 Colombo Swedish WB Unknown Elaine Davies Selena O’Hanlon / Kyle Carter 603
46 Grand Slam III Thoroughbred Unknown Lourdes Peralta Karen O’Connor 601
47t Tru Luck Thoroughbred Maha Baba x Grayfully Ann Jones / Team Rebecca Phillip Dutton 593
47t Show of Heart Thoroughbred It’s Freezing x Lovely Duckling Hatrick Inc. Adrienne Iorio / Phillip Dutton 593
49t Heyday Thoroughbred Babamist x More Mischief Elinor B. Jenny Bruce Davidson / Maisy Grassie 592
49t Three Magic Beans Thoroughbred Hidden Capital x Express Card Nina Fout Nina Fout 592
49t Jumbo’s Jake Irish Sport Horse Jumbo x Lakeland Princess India McEvoy India McEvoy / James Alliston 592


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