Peta voices opposition to zebra and ostrich racing

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Zebra habitat
A US casino is aiming to run zebra and ostrich races next weekend. © The Lewises

A North Carolina racetrack and casino is in hot water with the animal welfare group, Peta, over its plans for zebra and ostrich racing.

Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots in New Orleans has zebra and ostrich races planned for January 12.

Peta says the animals will be ridden by jockeys.

“These terrified animals are forced to race around a track — a miserable ordeal that causes them fear and stress and can result in serious injuries.”

Peta said it opposed the use of animals for such “entertainment” and urged its supporters to voice opposition.

The zebra and ostrich racing exhibition will take part during the thoroughbred racing program at the track.

More details on Peta’s oppostion can be found here.

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